overheard on the subway

  • "I want one of those really long chinchillas. You know those things?" (ferrets. They were talking about ferrets)
  • "You can’t just BUY a fucking lion." "nah you can get one from the circus" "you need a license or something" "where d’you get a lion license?" "fuck if I know. Africa?"
  • "do you have a Pintrest?" "a what?" "a Pintrest. It’s like a combination of Wanelo and Tumblr." "I think it’s pronounced ‘Waneelo’." "no it’s ‘Wanello’." "no, it is totally ‘Waneelo’." "bitch it’s ‘Wanello’." "Aight calm down daaamn"
  • *whispered* “Wanellloooh”.
  • "How the fuck does google maps know where I am" 

and my personal favorite,

  • "I love my iPhone. I thank God every day for Bill Gates"